Jenn Air stove 'radiant element' cartridge and accessories lot, $5.

Jenn Air stoves are very interesting, in that they can be modified and updated by simply unplugging one 'cartridge' and plugging in another. A stove with coil burners, for example, can be upgraded by plugging in one of these flat radiant element units.

There's also another type of cartridge called the 'solid element,' which has two raised, round, solid metal burners. Because of the interchangeability of these cartridges, they all sell very strongly on eBay. And because so few people outside the small ring of Jenn Air stove owners know what the heck these things even are when they see them, this spells great opportunity for you!

Always check for any damage, and always ask the seller if it's possible for you to check the unit. It's very likely that a garage sale with a Jenn Air burner out front will have a Jenn Air stove in the kitchen!  

This radiant element cartridge sold for a cool $173, which is understandable when you consider that they cost nearly $00 to buy new. I think the rest of those parts are still out in my garage somewhere!

So there you have it! If you haven't already done so, do yourself a favor - take a little time to explore the world of Jenn Air accessories that are available to owners of these fine ovens and stovetops. A few minutes spent now can mean a bunch of money in your pocket further down the road!

Photo of Jenn Air stove rotisserie and accessories lot