Jenn Air stove coil burner cartridge, $10.

The fact that these unassuming little Jenn Air stove burner cartridges cost hundreds should be reason enough for you to learn more about their stoves and accessories.

The one name in stoves you absolutely must know is Jenn Air, because it's out there and it's expensive! I cannot overemphasize how much you stand to benefit by just taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Jenn Air stuff! Jenn Air has long had a cult-like following of people who will have nothing else in their house, and you can bet that they're scouring eBay to find deals in the expensive parts and pieces for theit stoves and ovens.

Now, how is it that a stove burner cartridge end up at a yard sale? Well, it turns out that this cartridge's seller had recently moved into the house, and decided to replace this cartridge with one of Jenn Air's fancy 'grill' style cartridges. Jenn air makes all different kinds of cartridges, which can be removed, changed and replaced with one another. 

Now, does it work? Well, in most cases you're going to have to just go with the fact that most bad cartridges will end up in the trash, not in the garage for a later yard sale. But in this case, we simply asked the guy to pop it into the stove and turn it on for us, which he readily agreed to. Always ask if there's a way you can test these cartridges before buying them.

A quick word here about condition. When people are looking for these cartridges, they want them clean and in great shape. So, as expensive as these are, you may want to pass on the ones that are beat up and look bad.

This burner sold on eBay for $114.

Photo of Jenn Air stove burner cartridge