Jenn Air stove A141 wok accessory, $5.

If you check the other Jenn Air items here in the Gallery, you'll notice not only that Jenn Air stuff is very popular, but also that it sells for quite a bit of cash on eBay. The Jenn Air accessories you're most likely to encounter are the burner cartridges, but occasionally the more unusual items like this wok pop up, and you should know to grab them!

This wok was in the box on a stool in the garage, and the thing that grabbed my eye was - you guessed it - the JENN AIR design on the outside of the box. Jenn Air stove owners are notorious for buying new burners for their stoves, throwing the old burners into the new burner boxes, and tossing them into the garage in case they ever 'need' them. Of course, where they usually end up is at the next garage sale. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that since Jenn Air stuff will very often be in a Jenn Air box, you should learn the Jenn Air logo profile!

As you can see, the box in the photo says $10 on it, and there's a story about that. As usual, I asked the lady if she'd take $5 for the wok and she immediately started looking around for her husband to see if it was okay with him. Only when she saw that he was busy with someone else out in the yard, did she go ahead and take my offer. I looked around a little to see if there was anything else I wanted to buy at the sale (carrying the wok with me of course,) and when it was time to pay, the guy was back in the garage. The way he squirmed when I handed him my $5 told me that he wouldn't have let it go for that price. But I told him that his own lovely wife had okayed the deal and he grudgingly took my bill.

Now, I can't say it's a blanket rule, but from what I've seen in my monetary deals ranging from woks to boats to guns to cars, the guy is much more likely to hold out for the price he wants, whereas the woman is usually more able to see the benefit of just getting rid of the damned thing and moving on with life. Back when I used to buy and sell cars from newspaper ads, it was often the lady who had to whisper into the ear of a husband whose ego wouldn't let him accept my offer. Whereas the guy was often ready to 'drive the car off a damned cliff before letting it go for that price,' the woman seemed more concerned with just letting go of the darned car and moving on. Okay, I know there's a big difference between cars and woks monetarily, but the same emotions that arise in the larger transactions very often play out in the smaller transactions, as well.

If you have not already done so, do yourself a favor - take a little time to explore the world of Jenn Air accessories that are available to owners of these fine ovens and stovetops. A few minutes spent now can mean a bunch of money in your pocket further down the road!

This wok accessory sold on eBay for $153.

Photo of Jenn Air stove A141 wok accessory