James B Lansing JBL LE 20 vintage audio speakers, $2.

These vintage JBL speakers were found at a yard sale, forgotten about in a box with several other worthless speakers. The only reason I list these speakers here is because I want you to learn the profile of the little badge on the back side of these speakers. This same logo was used on lots of the older JBL speakers, which audiophiles are going crazy to scoop up on eBay nowadays!

I'm not really sure what I can say about these little speakers, other than when you see 'em, bw sure to grab 'em! Please also be sure to check out the other Gallery entries for James Lansing / JBL audio stuff.

Age can affect both condition and functionality when it comes to older speakers like these, which will naturally have an impact on closing prices. So fortunately, you can pick these up for a few dollars

The upside here is that few people know what these things are, which means you can get them for a couple of dollars. This particular pair sold on eBay for $97.

Photo of JBL LE20 speakers