Hennessy 'Expedition' camping hammock with Snap-on tool logo, $5.

You'd be wise to learn more about these hammocks, because Hennessy is recognized by many outdoorsmen as the best you can get. Notice that this Hennessy hammock doesn't quite look like the hammocks we're used to seeing. And hey... what's up with the Snapon logo on the front of the bag?

Hennessy hammocks are primarily made for camping, and are really high quality pieces of equipment. The hammock itself is made from extremely strong oxford nylon, and the 'rainfly' that goes over the top of the hammock to keep the elements out, as well as the carrying bag, are made from 'rip-stop' nylon, just like the stuff used to make parachutes. In case you're not familiar with rip-stop fabric, check out the closeup of the bag in the photo below and note the pattern of little 1/8" squares. That's what rip-stop fabric looks like, and it's so named because unlike most fabric, which is relatively easy to rip once a tear is started, rip-stop will not run.

Okay, so Hennessy makes some great hammocks, but what's with the Snap-on logo? After all, Snap-on makes tools! Why the heck would they want Hennessy making hammocks with a tool company name on them? At the time I bought this hammock, I had no idea. But one thing I've learned in this business is that whenever you see anything bearing the Snap-on logo, you should seriously consider buying it. If you've already seen the Gallery entry about Snap-on tools, you're aware that this company has a huge base of loyal fans. So loyal, in fact, that people even collect stuff with the Snap-on name on it!

Here's something else to keep in mind about this unusual Hennessy / Snap-on partnership. I agree it's a little strange that Snap-on would want their logo on camping hammocks, but if they're going to go with hammocks, it only makes sense that they'd pick a company that holds a similar level of esteem in its own field. You can bet that Snap-on is not going to put their name in jeopardy by splashing it all over a trashy product. Hennessy is apparently Snap-on's counterpart in the field of camping and hiking hammocks, and a quick internet search will show you that just like Snap-on, Hennessy has a fanatical following of loyal users who will use nothing else out in the field. As it turns out, this hammock ended up selling on eBay for $115 to a buyer in Japan, who collects Snap-on stuff!

So there you have it. As a Hennessy, this hammock naturally appeals to campers and hikers in search of high quailty equipment. But with the Snap-on logo, it takes on a whole new level of desirability because it now appeals not only to users of the product itself, but to Snap-on aficionados!

Photo of Hennessy Expedition camping hammock