Helo 1704 sauna heater unit, $40.

Helo is the largest sauna manufacturer in Finland, and as with most other Scandinavian merchandise, Helo is high quality, quite expensive, and a brand you should always be on the lookout for. This little unit is deceptive because its unassuming plain look belies its high price tag. Since this one is still in beautiful condition, I figure someone out there will want to buy it. This little Helo sauna unit is simply another case of being able to spot money that everyone else misses.

In normal use, this Helo unit would be full of special rocks that won't break or explode when water is thrown on them, whose purpose it is to absorb and hold the heat from the Helo's heating elements. The rocks not only tend to keep the sauna's temperature stable, but by pouring water over them, you also get that hot steam that saunas are known for.

At the yard sale, the guy had put the rocks into the sauna for some reason, but I removed them for these photos and will probably end up pitching them out instead of shipping then with the sauna. You can get enough rocks to fill this thing for about $20, so I doubt a buyer will want to pay shipping on a box of cheap rocks.

Items removed from homes by new owners can often be a very profitable segment of your business, as long as you make sure that they weren't removed because they're obsolete or broken. Sauna equipment is quite expensive stuff, and is well worth learning about. Do yourself a favor and study the Helo photos in this entry so that you'll know these sauna units when you see them.

Then, it's time to take advantage of that edge that's available to everyone, but which few of us bother to take advantage of. Take a few minutes to do a little research. Familiarize yourself with the other brands and types of sauna equipment that are out there waiting for you to come and get them!

This little Helo sauna unit sold on eBay for $183... without the rocks.

Photo of the Helo #1704 sauna heater unit