Hartmann classic tweed and nylon luggage and garment bags, $10.

There aren't many things as boring as luggage, which may be why so few people pay it any mind. Why do names like Orvis, Tumi, Marino Orlandi and Hartmann, go completely unnoticed, even by folks specifically looking for stuff to sell on eBay? Well, that's the difference between us and them!

Hartmann luggage is a big seller on eBay because so many people who know about high-quality luggage know about it. Although Hartmann does make all leather luggage, it's not really that common. Hartmann leather briefcases, though, are a different story. The next time you see a natural leather briefcase at a yard sale, you'd be advised to check to see if it's a Hartmann.

The Hartmann luggage you are most likely to encounter will appear in two main flavors - nylon, and an unusual brown and tan 'Classic Tweed'.

Whenever you're dealing with luggage, always check everything carefully for rubs, scrapes, rips, holes, broken zippers, missing zipper pulls, and anything else you can think of. If it applies, also check the bottom for any missing feet or wheels. Remember, no luggage that finds its way onto an airliner, regardless of its name, will be shown any mercy from the baggage handlers. And no matter how much a piece of Hartmann luggage may end up being abused by by the person who buys it, they want it to be in good shape when they buy it.

In other entries here in the Gallery, I cover several other names you should keep an eye out for in your travels, like the Orvis, Marino Orlandi and Tumi brands. They all sell great, and they're all actually out there for you to find! But for now, please do yourself a favor and learn the Hartmann profile well - it's only a matter of time before you see it. And remember to always go cheap!

As is normal for eBay, prices for Hartmann luggage - even identical pieces, can vary widely. So, it appears that the key to successful buying in this area is to buy only the dirt cheap pieces of luggage that are in excellent shape, and at $10 for everything you see here, this entry is an excellent example of that strategy!

Photo of Hartmann classic tweed luggage and nylon garment bag