Harley Davidson Road King windshield and leather windshield bag, $40.

The next time you see a Harley Davidson motorcycle tooling down the road toward you, it may be sporting a windshield just like the one in the photos below. Just look for the egg-shaped front profile and the three stainless steel support straps.

There are lots of aftermarket motorcycle windshields out there, and most do well on eBay, as long as they're in good shape. But windshields like this one - that come stock on Harley Motorcycles - are a great profile to learn, because those metal straps make them literally jump right out at you! And since they cost a fortune to buy new through the Harley dealership, they carry this value with them into the used market.

The seller, for some reason, was a little unsure of what bike this windshield was supposed to fit, so I did what I always do when I have a piece of a Harley that I can't identify. I took a drive to my local Harley dealership, where the friendly guy at the parts counter told me it fit a 1992-to-present (remember, that's 'present' as in 'up to the current year') Road King model. That's all the info I needed to list it!

These windshields are made from plastic, which means that they all eventually get their share of tiny scratches. What you must be very careful to check for are breaks or cracks in the plastic, as well as bent or damaged metal frame pieces. As you can imagine, damage around the outer edges of the windshield will be relatively easy to spot. But damage often hides around the areas near where the metal frame bolts to the plastic. You're going to find that your eBay buyers are looking for windshields that are in excellent to new condition; please keep this in mind!

See that little leather windshield bag? That gets sold separately. There's no reason to leave the two together, when there's no guarantee that the buyer of the windshield will want to pay much more for the bag!

The Harley Road King windshield bag sold for for $44 on eBay and the windshield sold for $184.

Photo of Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle windshield and leather bag