Harley Davidson motorcycle official factory service manuals lot, $15.

Factory repair manuals, whether Harley or otherwise, can bring many times what their 'aftermarket' counterparts will bring, making them something you'll definitely want to watch for. This entry on Harley service manuals is just one more example of how opportunity is often not so obvious, even when it's right under your nose.

When we think of things like vehicle repair manuals, we usually think of the Chilton, Clymer and Haynes manuals we can find in book stores and auto parts shops all over the place, don't we? We also know that those manuals don't cost too much to buy new, which means they aren't really worth anything used. But as with so many different areas of opportunity in this business, the spoils go to the one who can spot the jewels amidst the surrounding trash.

As opposed to the garden variety repair manuals you find in car shops, these manuals are issued by Harley Davidson for their motorcycles. These Official Factory Manuals cover all different models and years, and you can bet that no matter which ones you have, someone out there on the buying end of eBay will be looking for them.

One way to spot the real thing is to look for the Harley Davidson part number, which is usually found in the lower right hand corner of the outside front cover of the manual.

When you consider how and where these manuals are normally used, a very important consideration to keep in mind is the book's condition. As you can imagine, any vehicle-related shop manual is very likely to be used by guys with dirty, greasy hands. Your buyers may be okay with a little dirt and grime, but unless a particular manual is unusually rare or hard to find, you may want to pass on the filthy examples. Don't forget that at any given moment, there are likely to be eBay listings for nice, clean used examples of any filthy, greasy manuals you run across. Guess which one will bring more money.    

You can buy these manuals new online, from places like cyclemanual.com, for around $55 apiece. The particular manuals in the lot pictured here sold for an average of $30 apiece on eBay.

So do yourself a favor and keep in mind this little tip about factory manuals. Just one of them can pay for a full tank of gas!

Photo of Harley Davidson motorcycle factory service manuals