Harley Davidson motorcycle right-side hard saddle bag, $20.

Harley Davidson has made many different models and styles of saddlebags for their motorcycles over the years. But there's one type that seems to appear on more Harley motorcycles than any other - the hard 'slant' style saddlebag. Learn this profile well, because the sell like hotcakes on eBay! And... are you wondering yet why anyone would want just one bag?

I hope you're not getting the mistaken impression that you have to know a great deal about Harley Davidson motorcycles in order to take advantage of the opportunities that Harley parts and pieces can offer you. The trick is to learn to spot some of the Harley stuff that's worth a lot of money across the board, and then worry about exactly which model it fits later on!

If there's one great thing about Harleys, it's the fact that everything Harley is extremely popular, which means that you shouldn't have any trouble studying one up close pretty much any time you want. And if you do choose to do this, you'll notice that more than a few of the bikes you see will be sporting hard bags just like the one in this Entry. This is the stock hard saddlebag that millions of Harley motorcycles were equipped with from the factory. But....

Who in the world would want to buy just one bag? That's a great question, and probably explains why this bag was still languishing at the yard sale when I got there. Of course, there's always the possibility that a single bag may be lost or stolen. But if I had to venture a guess, I'd say that the most likely reason that someone would be looking for one hard saddlebag is because they wrecked their bike or dropped it on its side, destroying one bag.

As a matter of fact, that's precisely why this single bag was being sold at the yard sale! The owner told me that he had dropped his Harley, destroying the bag on the left side. But instead of spending a bunch of money on another bag, he simply decided to remove the bags from the bike altogether. I guess that's sort of like completing some sort of cycle, huh? Off one dropped bike and onto another!

So, since you now know why people may be looking for a single hard saddlebag, doesn't it also stand to reason that there would be a market for just the tops and just the bottoms of these bags as well? Well, you're right! The individual lids and lower sections sell on eBay for the very same reason that individual saddlebags do. So I hope you can see how it will pay you to learn the profiles of both the tops and bottoms, just in case you spot only one of them!

I guess I don't have to mention that whenever you encounter any hard motorcycle luggage, you should always inspect it carefully for any cracks, breaks or other damage.

An owner who wants to buy a new bag for his Harley can naturally go to the Harley dealership, but he'll end up paying a few hundred dollars for a single bag. It's much cheaper to just buy one on eBay. And in the case that his bike is black, he won't even have to paint this one!

This Harley Davidson motorcycle hard bag sold on eBay for $227.

Photo of Harley Davidson motorcycle hard saddle bag