Licensed Harley Davidson decals and stickers lot, $45.

This is nothing more than a lot of Harley Davidson decals that had belonged to a vendor who used to sell them at Bike Week events in the Daytona Beach area. Of course, there's a lesson here or these decals wouldn't be here in the Gallery.

What separates these licensed brand decals from the other generic decals you see all over the place is the fact that they're just that - brand licensed.

Brand licensing has been around for many years, appears all over the place and is used by countless companies to secure the exclusivity of their brand trademark. Licensing is used by countless companies - Coke, McDonalds, Mickey Mouse - the list is miles long. And licensed merchandise appears in nearly form imaginable, from hats, to shirts, to mugs... again, the list is endless. But why license this stuff? Because it's another opportunity for a company to branch out and make more money from the popularity of its brand name.

Let's say I wanted to print up a bunch of Harley decals to sell at my local flea market. I'd be pretty sure that they would sell really well, because each of my sales would rely entirely on the brand recognition that Harley has been working to build for over a hundred years. Now, could I just head over to a shop that makes decals with a photo of what I wanted, and thell them I wanted a bunch of stickers made up? Well, I could, but they wouldn't do it unless I had explicit permission from the Harley Davidson company to reproduce the Harley logo and sell it for my own profit. Do you think the Harley people - or any other brand-licensed company - would want me making a bunch of cash off the notoriety they have worked so hard to develop? Heck no!

For every piece of brand licensed merchandise produced, the company charges a royalty, which is recouped when the end user buys the item. In other words, these stickers have built-in value simply because whoever had them printed had to pay Harley a royalty to do so. As you can imagine, the desirability of any piece of licensed merchandise to your eBay buyers will depend on the degree of status that the company holds among similar brands in its field, and Harley holds a great deal of status in this area.     

Note that the reason some of the stickers below appear white is because they're intended to affix to the inside of the window, and therefore need the adhesive on the printed side of the sticker.

What's really nice about this deal is the bonus Craftsman tool box, which sells on eBay for more than we paid for this whole lot.

These brand licensed Harley Davidson decals sold as a lot on eBay for $234, and I'm keeping the tool box! Looking back on this transaction, I'd have been much better off to sell them in smaller lots.

Photo of lot of licensed Harley Davidson motorcycle decals stickers