Greenlee 7238SB 'Slugbuster' knockout punch set

Greenlee is one company whose specialty tools you must take a little time to learn about. And while you're at it, please be sure to also check out the other Gallery entry for the miscellaneous lot of Greenlee chassis punches. Once you learn what these tools look like, you'll find them jumping out at you on a regular basis! But what do they do?

Okay, let's say that you had to cut a precisely-located 1" diameter hole through the side of a sheet metal cabinet. The first step would be to drill a small pilot hole, then use the Greenlee tool to cut a 1" slug of metal out that would be centered precisely on that small pilot hole.

Sure, you could just use a series of larger drill bits to enlarge your small pilot hole to 1" diameter. But not only would that take lots of time and effort, it would also guarantee that the center of the finished hole was nowhere near the center of the pilot hole you so carefully measured and drilled.

Most of the Greenlee tools you'll encounter are the ones that are intended specifically for making precisely-located holes in sheet metal and / or pvc cabinets and enclosures, and this set is no exception.

This Slugbuster 7238SB set can be bought at the larger home improvement stores for around $249, so be careful because there's not really that much money built into it. It's common for someone to buy a tool like this at their local Lowe's or Home Depot, use it for a single application, and then never touch it again. That's is what I look for - sets that have been barely used. You should always be very wary around (and consider passing on) sets that have been obviously well used, and sets that are missing parts!

This Greenlee 7238SB Slugbuster chassis knockout punch set sold on eBay for $128.

Photo of Greenlee 7238sb Slugbuster chassis knockout punch set