Pair of running boards for 2005 Ford Escape, free!

Running boards are popular accessories on SUVs and trucks. They run along the side of the vehicles under the doors, and are designed to be stepped on as you enter and exit the vehicle. The guy we got these from had replaced his with fancy aftermarket items, and had absolutely no interest in these old ones.

Note that I made it a point, as I always do, to ask the guy exactly what year and model these parts came off.

These were the first things I saw as I approached the sale because they were sitting right out by the road. The guy told us that if nobody took them, they'd go out with the trash. These are what are known as OEM parts, which means they come from the dealership and cost a load of money to buy new, and it also usually means that your eay buyers are also looking for them!

At the time I got these, I had no idea what used examples of these running boards sold for on eBay, or if they even sold at all. But considering the price, in the case they're worthless they can just go out with my trash instead of his!

These Ford Escape running boards sold on eBay for $95.

Photo of Ford Escape OEM running boards