Vintage Floyd Theatres drive-in car window speakers, $3.

When I was a really small kid, we used to go to the drive in theatres quite often. The most vivid memory I have of the entire experience is hanging a big pair of speakers on the car windows so we could hear the movie. These old speakers sometimes even appear with their own stand, which can be a really great find!

Can you really think of anything more vintage 1950s or 1960s americana than a drive-in theatre? There seemed to be one on every street corner when I was a kid, and up until the early 1980s we had a couple in my area. And although you may find then here and there nowadays, theose left are all about the nostalgia part. Let's face it, the book has been closed on this part of American culture. And guess what that means....

That's right - the fact that drive-ins have gone the way of the dodo bird has spawned a bunch of hardcore collectors of anything and everything drive-in.

I guess you could think of these speakers are the quintessential collectible from the drive-in theatre era, since it's the one part of the whole drive-in experience that we're all intimately familiar with. Can you imagine how many cars these speakers spent the evening in?

If you feel that you have to, you can go ahead and test them so you can let your bidders know if they work or not. But I say, just go ahead and list them as-is. I can tell you that whoever buys these speakers will not be hung up on whether they work or not!

These speakers sold on eBay for $64

Photo of vintage drive in theatre speakers