Exin Castillos 'Gran Alcazar' castle building toy, $3.

I suppose that if there are two names you should know when it comes to castle toys, it's Playmobil and Exin Castillos. Of course, everything Playmobil is expensive, and you should learn to spot it. I sure wish I could explain all the interest in Exin Castillo toys, but I'm at a loss. All I can say is, keep them both in mind and make money!

When I saw this Exin Castillos box at the yard sale, I could only think that some kid out there somewhere would pay me maybe $20 for it. I guess what piqued my interest in this toy is that it's made in Spain and just looks a little more expensive than your garden variety Lego toy, to which these little pieces are similar in regards to how they fit together.

When I got home and prepared to list this box of pieces, I was really surprised in the bidder interest in Exin Castillo stuff. They not only have loads of bidder interest, but they sell for upwards of $100 per set in many cases. As it turns out, this box went to a bidder in Spain and closed at a whopping $253. I believe the factor that drove the price up is that instead of a bunch of loose pieces (which also sell well, by the way), this set is complete with the original box and is somewhat older, possibly adding to its desirability.

So there you have it. With this Exin Castillos profile under your belt, you now know about something that very few of your competition know. Check out the rest of the Gallery and you'll know about hundreds more!

Photo of Exin Castillos Gran Alcazar medeival castle building toy