Electro Voice 627A and 635A microphones, $10.

I'm no expert on audio microphones, but I am familiar with the name Electro Voice, and I know that some of their equipment is quite expensive, and sells very well on eBay. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with the Electro Voice brand and learn what their products look like!

Each of the 635A microphones in the photo here sells for around $60 on eBay used and interestingly, the more expensive-looking 627A in the photo sells for less. Go figure. If you check closed auctions for Electro Voice microphones, you'll see that many of them sold for over a hundred dollars, so this purchase should be pretty save.

Unlike lots of the stereo components you'll find here in the Gallery, all you have to do with these is stop by a local music shop and ask the guy to test them out for you. Easy!

Something very important to mention here is that I got these because they're made by Electro Voice, not because they're microphones. Sure, there are other brands of microphones that bring good money on eBay, but there are also brands that don't. In orther words, don't think that just because a certain brand of microphone sells well, you should head straight out and buy every microphone you run across! Always remember the importance of a brand name!

The 627A microphone sold on eBay for $36, and the other two microphones sold for $42 and $44.

Photo of Electro Voice EV 627A and 635A microphones