Ekornes 'Stressless' leather recliner and ottoman, $20.

Ekornes has been making the Stressless model of recliner for many years, although the design has changed a bit. This particular chair is the older design, the newer models - the Consul and the Ambassador - have done away with the chrome frame in favor of wood.

No matter, because people snap these older metal-framed chairs just as quickly as they will the newer wood models. The Ekornes brand is known globally and has a very strong following worldwide. You would be wise to take some time to peruse the various furniture pieces that Ekornes has to offer - and they make lots of stuff - so you'll know an Ekornes item when you see it. And be sure to check out their 'Dream Recliner,' which they sell for a whopping $2500.

The very first thing you should do whenever you see what you think is a Stressless chair is to make sure it's the real thing. Anywhere you find high-quality and expensive items, you're liable to also find cheap copycat reproductions that can trick you if you're not careful. I'm not talking about faked reproductions, but there are cheapo, unbranded Chinese chairs that look a great deal like the Ekornes Stressless, which you naturally do not want to end up with.

Feel free to check the bottom of the chair for tags that indicate the manufacturer. But the easiest way to spot the real deal when it comes to the Ekornes Stressless is to look for the black plastic knobs on either side of the chair, which are used to adjust the recline angle of the chair. When you loosen the knobs, you can adjust the chair to the angle you want, and then tighten them down to secure the chair in that position. The handles should say EKORNES STRESSLESS right on them.

Look the chair over to ensure that there are no rips, stains or holes. There are several variations in the covering patterns, depending on the model. Some designs have pleat buttons, so if the chair you're looking at has buttons, make sure that none are missing. Essentially, you're checking to make sure the chair doesn't look old, worn out or abused. Note any fading or cracking in the leather from excessive exposure to sunlight. Check the frame for rust or any other signs of damage.

Important - these chairs were originally sold with ottomans, so if you find a chair without its ottoman, it likely won't bring as much money.

An overlooked resource when it comes to shipping larger items like these chairs is Greyhound Freight. Just wrap cardboard around it and haul it down to your local Greyhound bus depot. When I was selling this chair on eBay, I figured out that with Greyhound I could get it from Florida to California for about $65, and the incredible thing is that it would get there in two days! The person who ended up buying this chair lived on the other side of my state, so shipping ended up coming to about $45. I dropped it off at the local Greyhound depot at 8 p.m., and it arrived at its destination at 7 a.m. the next morning! Greyhound is a great way to ship bigger items like this chair, as long as the buyer doesn't mind going to the depot to pick it up. This chair sold on eBay for $565.

Photo of Ekornes Stressless chair and ottoman