Dodge Tradesman van 'OEM' electric door lock kit, 1971-1977, $7

What a find this was! An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) kit to add electric locks to your vintage Dodge Tradesman van! Worthless and uninteresting to the uninformed, but solid gold to the attentive Auctionbandit who has studied his valued eBay buyers and knows what they want!

This lot consists of two boxes of hardware to convert an older vehicle from manual door locks to electric door locks. Each box contains two solenoids (which actually do the locking and unlocking when power is applied to them,) as well as all the necessary wiring, hardware and instructions to connect everything.

Go ahead - head down to the local Dodge dealership and try to buy any kind of part for your 1977 Tradesman van, and see what they say (when they laugh you out of the place, just think of Auctionbandits!) I cannot overemphasize the importance of what older OEM stuff like this means to loyal owners of older vehicles who want to affect an upgrade.

As you should already be aware, the term OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer,' and refers to original equipment that comes from straight the dealership, as opposed to 'aftermarket' equipment that's offered by a separate and unrelated company. If you've ever had to buy OEM parts from a car dealership, you know how expensive they are.

At one time, the folks from whom I got these parts owned an old Dodge Tradesman van, and had planned to install electric door locks all around. Their plans apparently fell through, and the parts sat in the garage for the next 35 or so years. As bizarre as this sounds, this scenario is not really that unusual! Anyway, is it really possible that anyone out there actually wants these old parts?

As the vehicles that we all grew up around slowly fade into obscurity, there are still people who prefer to hold on to the ones they own, instead of upgrading to the newer, often inferior, models. So, you can bet that there are folks out there who do indeed want these older OEM kits, if only for certain parts they contain.

Do you think the Dodge folks used a separate solenoid for every model of car and van? No way. The wiring harnesses in these kits may be tailored for a particular model and year of vehicle, but the actual solenoids will fit numerous years and models of Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler vehicles. And these solenoids alone sell for around $25 apeice on eBay.

This vintage OEM Dodge Tradesman electric door lock kit sold on eBay for $128.50.

Photo of Dodge Tradesman van OEM electric door lock kit