CUTCO #59 steak knives, eight piece boxed set, $20.

Although I have another Gallery entry on Cutco, I have this set here to help drill in the Cutco profile. Note the unusual, thick plastic handles with the wood grain. The best thing about CUTCO stuff is that like Wusthof cutlery, CUTCO products are actually there for you to go and find.

Note that although there's no way to say whether these knives have actually been used, what's important to the eBayers out there in search of these knives is that they've never been sharpened. Every Cutco knife will look like it has been sharpened, simply because it has - every knife is hand sharpened at the factory. But! Factory sharpening is perfectly done and looks it. 

Note that all cutting edges here are perfect. There's nothing more discourging than finding a really expensive set of knives, only to discover that one or more of them looks to have been sharpened on the sidewalk, or run through one of those electric can opener knife sharpener contraptions. Whenever you're contemplating the purchase of a set of cutlery, always look at all cutting edges to make sure they haven't been monkeyed up by someone who had no respect for his belongings!

Something important that you really must know about Cutco knives is that the model number appears on each piece. Notice tthat in the closeup of the blade in the last photo, it doeasn't just say CUTCO, it says "no CUTCO 59"., for Cutco #59, steak knife. This is why Cutco knives are so easy to identify and sell -  every Cutco piece tells you exactly what it is!    

Learn the Cutco name, learn to spot the knives, and you'll profit. It's as easy as that. This set sold on eBay for $125.

Photo of 6 piece CUTCO cutlery set