Set of 9 cutting disks for Cuisinart DLC-8 and DLC-10 food processors, $3.

When it comes to food processors, Cuisinart is one brand you should know about. Not only are there lots of these machines out there, but many of them cost a bundle. And since expensive new can often translate to expensive used, this can translate to lots of buyer interest and resale value on eBay.

These are the actual cutting disks that fit the Cuisinart DLC-8 and DLC-10 food processors, so named because their bowls hold 8 and 10 cups of liquid, respectively. These disks are very similar to the ones that appear in my Gallery entry on the Cuisinart DLC-7 food processor.

The stainless steel disks slide onto the white plastic stem that holds them up off the bottom of the bowl, so that the sliced contents fall underneath the blade. Notice that each blade is made up of a metal cutting section riveted to a plastic hub. Although the metal parts of these blades are pretty tough, the plastic parts are subject to breakage, which will render the blade worthless. So, always check every cutting blade to make sure the all plastic is in good shape.

These Cuisinart cutting blades are a great profile to keep in mind, since so few people are aware of what they are worth on eBay. Note that you'll also see disks for other Cuisinart processors, and although prices tend to vary, they're all brisk sellers on eBay. This set sold on eBay for $50.

Photo of Cuisinart DLC 8 10 food processor blades