Cuisinart DLC-7 Super Pro food processor and 15 blades, $5.

Cuisinart is one brand of food processor you really should familiarize yourself with because some of their machines cost a fortune. And since expensive new can often translate to expensive used, this can mean lots of buyer interest and resale value on eBay.

Look at the profile of this machine closely and note its squat, square shape. These Cuisinart machines appear with regularity and are almost always worth getting if you can find them for a few dollars.

A couple of things are worth mentioning here - the bowl itself and the cutting disks, which can sell for a nice chunk on eBay by themselves.

First, know that the cutting blades sell very well on their own, and are worth buying even if no machine is in sight.

Second, when inspecting one of these machines, always make sure that all the bowl pieces are in good shape. One indication of heavy use is a bowl that is so scratched up on the inside that it looks like frosted glass. Some of these machines were used so much that the bowls look like they were used to mix cement! The fact that in many cases, the bowl is worth more than the base, and bowls that are in great condition can sell very well on eBay by themselves.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind when you find yourself having to test a machine's operation. Because of an unusual safety feature, some sellers think their machine doesn't work anymore because nothing happens when they plug it in and press the power button. But....

If you look closely at the top of the machine in the photo, you’ll notice a little round button, which is a safety switch intended to keep the machine from running unless the bowl is properly attached onto the base. Since this button must be depressed for the machine to run, all you have to do to get the machine to run without the bowl in place is turn the machine on, and then depress the button with your finger. If the machine works, it'll start running as soon as you push down the button. Just be sure not to do this in the presence of a seller who thinks the machine’s broken, or he may jack up the price on you!

So here's the bottom line on these units. The part you'd assume to be the most costly is actually the least desirable part of the deal, which I assume is because it's so durable. What your eBay buyers will really pay you well for are the bowls and the blades. Keep this in mind! As a matter of fact, it just might have been a better strategy for me to just sell the bowl and the blades, and drop the motor off at a thrift shop!

This unit sold on eBay for $127.

Photo of Cuisinart DLC-7 food processor and blades