Corbin motorcycle removable seat backrests pair, $20

Unless you're already familiar with Corbin seats, you're not likely familiar with the removable backrests that are available for so many models of Corbin motorcycle seats. Along with Mustang seats, I strongly suggest you research Corbin motorcycle seats so that you'll be able to take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities these seats can provide you!

Corbin makes some really expensive aftermarket motorcycle seats, and an interesting feature about many of their seats is is the removable backrest. When you ride alone, you can pop out the seat back if you like. When you're carrying a passenger, or when you just want to relax and use a backrest, you just slide the backrest into place and you're off.

The Corbin seats that are designed to take these backrests have a small leather flap that opens up to expose the square hole that the rod at the bottom of the backrest slides into. So, how is it that these backreses appear all alone, without an accompanying seat? Well, whereas the Corbin seat itself may stay on the bike when it's sold or traded in, the seat backs are often misplaced, only appearing when the owner is cleaning the garage to prepare for the next yard sale. One thing that should help spur you into learning the Corbin seat backrest profile is the fact that these backrests cost around $200 to $250 to buy new from the Corbin folks.

The middle set of pics below give better front and back views of another backrest I ran across at another yard sale recently. The last pic is a view of these backrests in place on a Corbin seat that's mounted on a bike.

The ostrich skin backrest in the upper right corner of the photo below sold on eBay for $125. The sliced up one next to it sold for $75, and the one below the top two backrests (which I bought separately from the other two, and which looks like a cat used it to sharpen its claws) sold for $117 on eBay.

The fact that even the badly damaged Corbin backrests sell so well on eBay should tell you something: people are after not only the serviceable backrests, but also the ones with damaged leather, which they can then cover with the leather of their choice!

Photo of Corbin motorcycle removable seat backrests