Concept II 'ergometer' rowing exercise machine, $125.

Although I had never seen a Concept rowing machine in person before this one, I knew its profile! Several months before this incident, I had discovered that certain rowing machine brands are very expensive, so I did some research to familiarize myself with the pricier models I was likely to see. So when I spotted this beauty, I already knew what I was looking at. Talk about outclassing the competition!

It's obvious from looking at this machine that it's not something designed for light home use. It's a very heavy duty, high-quality piece of equipment made for long life under heavy use. It has a heavy steel frame, wood handles and foot pads, is chain driven and the mechanism that provides the resistance is an industrial-strength apparatus containing a heavy metal wheel that doesn't look like it would ever break down. And the fact that this machine had come from a local health club - which the seller kept repeating to me - convinced me that it was more than just another consumer-grade cheapo machine.

Naturally, I didn't want to lay out so much cash for this machine, but the guy was stuck at $125 and was ready to keep it because a friend of his had told him it was worth at least that much. All turned out well, though, because even the older units like this one sell on eBay for around $350 to $450, with the newer models bringing upwards of a grand.

And as for packing this 75-pound unit up for shipping, I'm going to have to pass because I just don't have the time needed to disassemble and pack this thing up. I will offer the buyer to deliver it within a 50 mile radius, or to drop it off somewhere locally where it can be packed up and shipped, and that should be fine.

This Concept II rowing machine sold on eBay for $385, local pickup.

Photo of Concept II ergometer exercise rowing machine