Comfort Zone 'Quad' genuine sheepskin rug, $5.

Animal skin rugs of any kind are, in general, pretty costly. But sheepskin is not really that rare or expensive, and can usually found in places like jacket linings and car seat covers. This was the first time I'd actually seen a sheepskin rug, and judging from what these things sell for, they're good items to keep an eye out for.

When I first saw this rug I thought it was a Greek 'flokati' rug because the hair is so long. Maybe a word on flokati rugs is in order here, since they are out there and they do sell well on eBay. Greek flokati rugs are 100% wool, with the hair woven into a wool mat backing. This means that cost varies not only by size, but by density, as in how closely the wool is packed onto the backing. Density is generally measured by grams per square meter, with 4000 representing the higher-end rugs. When I used to live in Greece, I bought a 5' x 7' flokati that's so dense it weighs a whopping 45 pounds. That's pretty dense!

The Comfort Zone quad in our example here is actually four sheep skins sewn together (hence the 'quad') to make a rug about 4' by 6' in size. I think you can get these rugs in 6' and 8' skin sizes, as well. These quad rugs come from the sheep capital of the world, New Zealand, and this smaller size sells for around $250, plus shipping.

Always be sure to inspect any rug you're considering buying for stains. A dirty rug can be cleaned, and odors can be removed, but some stains are there forever. Your eBay bidders won't want a permanently stained rug, unless it's a rug that cost a bundle to buy new and they're getting it for cheap. Notice that although this rug has been a little used, it still looks and smells fine, and has minimal dirty areas on it. As for the puppy - I just couldn't keep her off the darned thing long enough to take the picture.

So, I'm betting that someone out there would like to have one of these rugs to throw on a floor in the house, but doesn't want to shell out the money for a new one if they don't have to. This rug sold on eBay for $89.

Photo of Comfort Zone quad sheepskin rug