Chrysler 300M 1998 - 2004 nose mask 'bra,' OEM, $20.

As you should know by now, It's always wise to keep your eyes peeled for anything OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer.) Nose masks, or 'bras,' are so popular because they prevent damage to the car's front end from bugs and road debris. Sure, there ate the aftermarket brands available (one very popular brand being LeBra), but the nose masks that your Chrysler 300M buyers will pay you the most money for are the Original Equipment Manufacturer items.

Per the folks at Chrysler about item #82203629:

Nose Mask, w/license plate opening.
Black, w/300M logo, w/license plate opening, w/ or w/o fog lamp openings.
Durable and breathable black vinyl fabric.
Nylon screen protects grille and fascia openings.
Designed to fit tight and match front-end contours.
Custom fasteners facilitate installation and removal.
Unique two-piece design allows the hood to open without removing the cover.
Embroidered silver vehicle logo.
Custom "turned-under and sewn" edges for finished, stylish appearance.
22-ounce backing on specific models helps protect paint surface.

I know, $20 does seem like a lot to pay for an item like this, but I have an explanation. A lesson I learned long ago is that you should consider paying a little more for your stuff in the morning. The reasoning here is simple - you never know how the rest of the day is going to shape up. I'd much rather look back on the day and wish I'd paid a little bit less for a particular item I bought, than look back and wish I had bought something that I let slip by just because I couldn't snatch it up for next to nothing.

If you've ever bought an accessory or part from a car dealership, you know that OEM equals expensive. Since this bra setup costs about $145 from the Chrysler people, you can be fairly sure that at least a few Chrysler 300 owners will be scouring eBay in search of better deals.

A word of caution about items like this nose mask is that even though the dealership's $145 price for this bra is a nice chunk of change, its eBay price will not be quite so high, which means that there's really that much money in it to begin with. For this reason, you may want to stick exclusively with the OEM items (as opposed aftermarket stuff like the 'Le Bra',) and only buy brand new examples. This is one area where you really should hedge your bets.

And one final thing I always try to stress... remember to always check inside the box to ensure that you're really getting what you think you're getting. Make sure the item is indeed new, and make sure it's in perfect condition. I know, it's basic information, but this caveat bears repeating at every opportunity.

This OEM Chrysler 300M nose mask bra sold on eBay for $87.

Photo of Chrysler 300 OEM factory nose mask 'bra.'