Carling waterproof marine rocker switches, $10.

As a general rule, anything that goes on a boat costs more than it should. And marine electronics like these waterproof rocker switches are no exception to that rule.

This switch panel fits into the dash board of a boat (as can be seen in the lower three photos,) and runs all the boat's electrical accessories, like the bilge blower, bilge pump, anchor lift, running lights, cabin lights, windshield wipers, anchor light, live bait tank aerator, horn, and any other electrical applications on the boat. Notice that since these switches are mounted externally and are exposed to the elements, they have to be waterproof.

Note also that each switch has its own circuit breaker that's protected from the elements by a little rubber nipple (one nipple is missing on our panel here.)

And notice also the distinctive look of these switches - rectangular in shape, with little the eight little bumps on either end.

As with most things related to boats, these switches are pretty darned expensive to buy new, as are their accompanying circuit breakers. It should be noted here that there's very little possibility that the buyer of these switches will have any use for the panel they're mounted in, unless he owns the same model of boat they came out of. He'll most likely remove these switches and breakers from this panel and use them as needed in his own boat.

This set of Carling waterproof marine rocker switches sold on eBay for $202.

Photo of Carling waterproof marine rocker switches and circuit breakers