U.S. Navy Camillus Mark 2 knife and sheath, $10.

When I saw this Camillus Mk II knife at the yard sale, I immediately knew it was military. Heck, it even says USN right on it. Keep an eye out for military knives, because some of them are highly sought-after by knife collectors around the world!

So, I just assumed that this knife was of World War II vintage. Here we have an older military knife that will be of interest to collectors of war-related stuff. But there's a little more to explain here. Occasionally, you encounter those items that actually occupy more than one area of collector interest, and this knife is a great example of that.

Naturally, collectors of war memorabilia will be interested in this knife, but who else out there might also find it a valuable addition to their collections? How about knife collectors? Since this is a knife, wouldn't it also be of interest to the knife collectors on eBay? You know it! So, I have the potential for a battle of the collectors here!

Finally, there's the issue of the knife's condition, which is unusual because it's essentially unused. Sure, it shows some marks from having been removed from the scabbard over the years, but that's about it. It shows no signs of actual use at all, and of special interest to collectors is the fact that it shows no signs of having been sharpened. This an especially important feature! Whenever you're looking at a knife of any type that may have collector interest, always check to see if the knife has been sharpened, because it will detract from the knife's value to collectors.

Why is it so strange that this particular knife has never been sharpened? When you consider the fact that this knife was designed as a workhorse during wartime, cutting and stabbing just about anything you can imagine, isn't it hard to believe that someone over the past 60 years hasn't found some sort of use for it?

You may be thinking that folks may have hesitated using a collector's item like this knife, but remember that this knife was nothing more than a surplus military item for many years after the war ended, not the valuable piece it is today. Statistically, it would've been used and abused in postwar civilian life, even if it hadn't been used during the war.

So, although you'll see that there are a few of these old Mark 2 knives around, there aren't many that haven't been used. An unused knife of this vintage is a rarity indeed. I tried to get the knife for $5, but the seller wouldn't budge on his price, probably because it had been his brother's knife. This knife ended up selling for a very cool $209 on eBay.

Photo of Camillus USN Mk 2 knife