Cabela's deer antler drawer pulls, lot of 33, $5.

Based in Sidney, Nebraska, Cabela's is a chain of stores that sells everything related to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and anything else 'outdoors.' Cabela's beautiful 'brick and mortar' stores are literally tourist attractions, and their online website is no less fantastic. So diverse are Cabela's offerings, that their name came to mind as soon as I saw these pulls!

'Man, I bet some guy putting together furniture for his hunting cabin would pay well to get his hands on these!' I said to the guy next to me at the yard sale. Not surprisingly, he replied with 'Well, I'm not really into hunting, so I wouldn't know.' That sort of thinking tells me that there will be money laying around out there for a long time.

As you can imagine, deer antler isn't that hard to come by. Deer actually shed their antlers around the end of each winter, when mating season is over and the bucks don't have to worry about attacking each other for the rest of the year. So if you wander around in the woods where deer live, you may find some. Several of my friends are hunters, and they keep an eye out for these shed antlers. During hunting season they beat them together and make a bunch of noise with them, in an effort to attract any deer that may be in the area.

You should also know that antler craft, or antler crafting, has long been popular. One of the most common uses for antler is in knife making. Antler can be split into two strips and laid along the side of the knife's handle, and in many cases, an uncut section of the antler is used to form the handle. Over the years, countless millions of carving sets sporting this type of antler handle have been sold, and they're a relatively common find at yard sales, flea markets and thrift shops.

What sold these drawer pulls is the fact that they're the finished product, ready to screw into place and use. And the Cabela's name certainly didn't hurt any, either. Now discontinued in the Cabela's catalog, these particular pulls used to sell for around $15 bucks apiece at the time, which would've set the buyer back a large chunk of cash to buy new.

These Cabela's deer antler drawer pulls sold on eBay for $151.

Photo of Cabela's deer antler horn drawer pulls