Men's Burberry's trench coat, $5.

When it comes to clothing, the Burberry name is one of the most important for you to know. Burberry's products are not only very pricey, but they're actually out there waiting for you to come and get them. This company has been around since the mid 1800s and is renowned for the Tartan style checkerboard pattern they like to put on many of their products.

Several years ago, I bought a beautiful London Fog trench coat at a yard sale, planning to sell it on eBay. But when I saw the dismal prices that company's sell for, I decided to just donate it to a nearby thrift shop instead of bothering with it. I sensed an opportunity, though, because it seemed that I was seeing racks full of clothing, including lots of trench coats, at all the thrift shops and yard sales I went to. As I do so often, I was determined to benefit from this incident by trying to find out if there were any brands of trench coats that are worth bothering with. That's when I discovered the Burberry brand.

One telltale sign that you may be looking at a Burberry product is the Tartan style checkerboard pattern that they like to use on their goods, which often appears on the liners of their trench coats. Of course, of you're close enough to examine a coat's liner, you may as well just look at the label, right? But they also use this same pattern on many of their purses and handbags, accessories for which Burberry is extremely popular.

As you may already know, there's a world of difference between doing your research and preparing yourself to see a particular brand, and actually finding it for an affordable price. The great thing about Burberry - and the reason it's here in the Gallery - is because not only is this stuff actually out there, but since so few people know what it's worth, you can often pick it up at really great prices.

I'll admit that after I found out how much these coats cost, I never thought I'd actually see one of them. But I've found several of them so far, and I know there are many of them still out there, just waiting for someone like you to come and get them. The fact that this rumpled little Burberry trench coat sold on eBay for over a hundred bucks may surprise some folks, but not those who know how much these coats cost to buy new!

A final point of interest here is the final s (Burberry's) that this coat shows in the label. The company actually started out as Burberry, and changed its name to Burberry's, apparently because so many of its customers kept referring to them as 'Burberrys of London.' Anyway, several years ago, the company reverted to the original spelling, Burberry.

Photo of Burberry trench coat