Bron Mandoline #3839 stainless steel food slicer, $5

Do yourself a favor and take at least a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the various makes of 'mandoline' style of manual food slicers, because brands like Kershaw Shun, Matfer, De Buyer, Adcraft, Borner, and of course Bron, are out there waiting for you to come and find! Out out of all these brands, though, the Bron is the one you're most likely to see because so many more of them were sold.

The Bron model that will bring you the best price is the model shown in the photo below, which is readily recognizable by the square (most others are round) slider and the tall, round black handle on the slider.  

Since some other brands of mandoline slicers can sell for more than the Bron, t may not be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with their  'look' so that you'll know their profiles when you see them. As an example, I can remember the Kershaw Shun mandoline - which can sell for several hundred dollars on eBay - because it reminds me of one of those old credit card 'swiper' thingies that used to be very popular. I guess you have to use whatever technique works for you.

Anyway, since so many of the Bron Mandolines have been made, their prices have settled down somewhat over the past few years. For this reason, I suggest that you're very careful about spending more than a couple of dollars on one unless it's new and in the box.

And remember - just because an item is still in the box doesn't mean it hasn't been used! Over the years I've been in this business, I've noticed that some people have the habit of saving the boxes from the stuff they buy so that they can put them back into the box between uses. I know this sounds ususual, but it's important enough to mention it here so that you don't end up falling for the 'used item in the box' trick. Actually, it's not normally done with any underhanded intent. But if you're one of these folks, and the time has come to sell one of your carefully stored possessions, it's already in the box and ready for the yard sale table. So be careful!

This particular mandoline sold on eBay for $98.

Photo of Bron Mandoline food slicer