Brizo 'Vesi Collection' Channel Widespread bathroom faucet, $5.

Most faucets you'll see are not even worth looking at. But there are brands you must know about, like Sherle Wagner, Rohl, Danze, Kohler, Hansa, Grohe, and of course Brizo. These brands of faucets can sell for hundreds, so you're advised to learn a bit about them.

What do you think most people do when they spot a bathroom or kitchen faucet at a yard sale or flea market? Right - they ignore it. And they're right to do so  since most of the faucets you're going to see out there are not even worth picking up. And that's great news for us! People's blanket assessment of faucets means that the jewels will go completely ignored by everyone. Another fantastic example of the 'noise' keeping people away from your money.

Besides the Italian name written all over the front of this faucet's box, a really good way to spot faucets that are very likely expensive is the fact that they tend to look really weird. For example, this particular example leaves the last couple of inches of the faucet open at the top, making it look sort of like a little waterfall. An unusual-looking faucet made in Italy for five bucks is nearly always a formula for success, especially when it retails for around $465!

A couple of warnings are in order here. First of all, always do your best to ensure that all the parts and pieces are present. Items like screws and washers are not really anything to worry about. What you really want to make sure of is that all the pieces that appears above the sink are there, and it's really not that hard to do. Just lay the parts out on a table, and compare them with the photo on the box or with the instruction sheet. You don't want to get home and find that your very expensive faucet is missing a single knob, which can ruin the whole deal for you!

My second warning for this entry is one that echoes throughout all of Auctionbandits - whenever you see anything in a box, always compare what's in the box with what's on the outside of the box. Make sure not only that the item inside the box is indeed new, but that it's actually the item that should be there, not an old faucet that the guy threw in there when he installed the one you think you're buying! If there's one thing people are damned notorious for doing, it's sticking gnarly old items into the boxes of the new items they replaced them with. Never, ever fall for this one! 

This faucet sold on eBay for $285.

Photo of Brizo Vesi Collection channel widespread bathroom faucet