Bombardier Seadoo personal watercraft cover, $5.

Anything related to personal watercraft (or 'pwc') has the potential to be worth lots of money, so you should always keep an eye out for things like like manuals, repair parts, accessories and covers. This particular Entry exists because pwc covers are the most likely personal watercraft items you'll encounter. A few minutes of research now will surely pay off later on down the road!

There are a few important things to mention about taking advantage of this area, so I'll go over a few rules I stick to.

Check for condition! Because these covers may likely spend much of their lives outside in the sun, they're exposed to the sun's destructive ultraviolet rays. And 'a little fading from the sun' can often mean that the sun's ultraviolet rays have ruined the integrity of the material itself. Your eBay buyers don't want a faded, brittle cover that's just waiting to fall apart on them!

Carefully check for any rips, holes, tears or wear spots. Make sure all seams are all intact, because one broken thread along a seam can cause the whole thing to come apart. This may all sound like an obvious warning, but there's a lot of material to look at, and it's very easy to overlook a deal-breaking blemish!

Brand name is everything! If you check eBay, you'll notice no shortage of personal watercraft covers, many of which don't even sell. This is because they're not factory OEM covers. In other words, instead of having the factory graphics like Seadoo, Bombardier, Yamaha or Tigershark splashed all over them, they sport weird off-brand names of the company that actually makes the cover. But no matter how good these other covers may be, they're not likely to bring the money that a factory cover will bring. (And no, an off-brand company cannot just paint a company's name onto their product!)

There's one exception to this 'buy only OEM' rule, and the company's name is Jettribe. Personal watercraft covers made by the Jettribe company consistently sell very well on eBay. So you may want to add this name to the list of personal watercraft companies, because Jettribe covers have the name proudly displayed in large letters across the cover.

Try to find out which model and year of watercraft the cover fits! These covers are not generic, 'one-size-fits-all' covers. They're made to fit a specific brand, model and often even year of watercraft. So if at all possible, ask the seller precisely what boat the cover was on. If he can't tell you that, you'd better be getting the darned thing for a steal. Who the heck is going to pay anything for a cover that they don't even know will work for them? But... a trip to your local personal watercraft dealership should clear up any confusion in such a case.

This Bombardier Seadoo personal watercraft cover sold on eBay for $78.

Photo of Bombardier Seadoo personal watercraft pwc cover