BMW Z3 convertible boot cover, $10.

A convertible boot cover is used to 'clean up' the look of the car when the top is down, by covering up the recess that the convertible top fits down into. Boot covers are available for nearly every model of convertible automobile, and most all of them are expensive. You are advised to learn about these covers, because you will be seeing them!

If you look at the back of this boot cover, you'll see the white sewn-on panel that lists the installation instructions. One of the first things that caught my eye is the fact that the instructions are written not only in English, but in German, which helped me figure out that this boot cover was from a German car. I would've bought it regardless of the make car it was intended to fit, but as a general rule, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the cover. So, I had the boot cover from a German convertible, but what the heck did it fit?

After grabbing this cover so that nobody else at the yard sale would make off with it, I did what I always try to remember to do whenever I'm buying anything related to a vehicle - I asked the seller what make, model and year of vehicle it came from. I strongly suggest that you also develop this habit, because it will save you lots of time later on when you list the item.

The seller told me that this boot was from her 1998 BMW Z3, which she'd traded in a few of years ago. When asked why she still had it in the garage, she admitted that she had stashed it in her closet to make more room in the car's trunk, and then forgot all about it until she was digging around in the house for stuff to sell at the yard sale! I've heard this story many times, which must be why these boot covers appear at yard sales regularly.

You can buy this boot cover brand new down at your local BMW dealership for a bit over $400, but the one pictured here sold to a happy buyer on eBay for only $212.

Photo of BMW Z3 convertible top boot cover