Lot of 46 used Rawlings practice baseballs, $10.

Buckets of used practice baseballs like these tend to pass under most people's radar. But anyone who has been to a sporting goods store lately has seen how much a good Rawlings professional baseball costs.

Back when my friend's son was in little league, I remember the coach carrying out a 5 gallon bucket of balls to have the kids hit. I remember how ratty those old balls looked, and when I asked the coach why he didn't get some new balls, he replied, 'Do you know how much these things cost? So, when I saw this box of baseballs at the yard sale, I thought back to my little exchange with the coach.

When you spot a lot of used practice baseballs, just remember that brand name and condition are the key elements here. I try to avoid balls that are really beat up and haggard, as well as those bearing some off-brand wacko name accompanied by a CHINA stamp. I've found that buyers of these balls are not too concerned about any magic marker writing they may on them.

When you consider that a new professional-grade baseball may cost $4 to $6 apiece, this lot of 46 slightly used professional leather baseballs is a deal that coaches all over the country will be after!

These used Rawlings baseballs sold on eBay for $86.

Photo of lot of 46 Rawlings baseballs