Bamix DeLuxe stick blender mixer, $2.

The 'look' of this little Bamix stick blender should be fairly familiar to you, since there are numerous brands on the market today, and they all look pretty much the same. But from what I've found, the Bamix is the only one that's really worth bothering with. You know the profile, just remember the Bamix name and you're in business!

At the time I found this Bamix stick blender, I'd never even heard of the Bamix name. When I opened up the box, I found a nice little mixer with all the attachments and all the original paperwork, looking as if it hadn't even been used. Then I found the real indicator of what I had - the receipt showing that it cost the buyer $169 way back in 1990! Whenever you find a receipt for an item in the box, always try to see if there's anything on it that can serve you.

It's important to mention here that you should never confuse an actual sales receipt with a price tag stuck on a box or affixed to an item! It's not uncommon for a seller to place a price tag or sticker on an item, in hopes that a buyer will see the 'bogus' price and pay more than he ordinarily would. I've noticed that people who take stuff to auction houses are notorious for doing this. You'll have to use your common sense here, because without proof that a price tag is authentic, it means nothing. Anyone can put a $499.00 tag on anything, but the actual purchase receipt inside a box is the real thing.

This Bamix stick blender sold on eBay for $98

Photo of Bamix DeLuxe stick blender mixer