Badge-A-Minit button making press tool, $3.

The Badge-A-Minit is a handy tool that allows the user to do just what the name implies - make attractive pins and buttons. Deceptively expensive, these kits can often be picked up for a few dollars, and then turned over for many times that amount. Learn about these machines and you'll be ready when you see them!

The Badge-A-Minit kit comes new with the main tool and some expendable supplies. When you run out of the stuff in the kit, you can buy more supplies right from the Badge-A-Minit website. And judging from the variety - and the prices - of supplies these guys carry, I bet a great deal of their income is from this end of their business. This naturally means that the more supplies you can offer your bidders (ie: the fewer that were used up by the person you bought the used tool from,) the more money you stand to make when you sell it. So keep this fact in mind when you see one of these badge presses in your travels.

Something very important thing to note here is how the unassuming press in our example here can be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you check the Badge-A-Minit website, you'll find that they make several different levels of button machines, ranging from the beginner's hand press all the way up to the $1000+ professional automatic press. And all this stuff is out there waiting for you to come and get it!

So there you have it. By learning more about the various types of button and pin making products you're likely to encounter, your eyes will open up a bit more to the world of opportunity that's waiting for you out there in Auctionbandits land!

Although the little press in our example here may not be anything to 'write home about,' as they say, it can easily pay for the day's gas and then some. And don't forget - a dozen or so of these little snacks over the course of a weekend can easily add up to a very healthy paycheck.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to mention another brand of button making equipment you should also watch for, Button Biz. You would be wise to also familiarize yourself with this company's equipment. If I had to pick one major difference between Badge-A-Minit and Button Biz equipment, I'd have to say that the Button Biz stuff just looks more expensive. Both companies' stuff is costly, all right, but the Button Biz stuff just looks like it cost more to manufacture.

This Badge A Minit set sold on eBay for $49

Photo of Badge A Minit button maker press tool