Baby Bjorn baby carrier, $5.

Baby-related items like strollers, breast pumps, high chairs, and of course, infant carriers like this Baby Bjorn, can offer you some really great profit opportunities. Some of the priciest brands you're likely to find are Ergo, Kokopax, Peg Perego, Calyx, Bush Baby and of course, Baby Bjorn. You would be wise to take some time to investigate these companies' products, because they can really put money in your pocket!

Look, the only reason this item is here in the Gallery is because good examples of Baby Bjorn baby carriers, just like the other names listed above, can easily sell for from fifty to a hundred bucks - or even more. I hope I have your attention now, so let's get on with this short explanation so that you can get on with your research.

Like so many companies you're going to encounter, the folks at Baby Bjorn are in the habit of introducing new models of carriers on a regular basis. This not only makes it harder for you to keep abreast of the company's latest products, but it also tends to drive down the prices of the 'older' models. When it comes to baby carriers like the Baby Bjorn, here's the plan that I recommend.

... take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the company's products, so that you'll know them when you see them.

... unless you know exactly what you're looking at, don't pay  more than a few dollars. A seller may try to justify the $20 she's asking for her Baby Bjorn carrier by recounting to you how much she had to fork out for it when she bought it. Of course, that was five models ago, and prices for the model she's selling are not bringing what she thinks.    

... make sure that the item is in like-new condition. This actually applies to any baby-related product you're thinking of buying, and your bidders will understandably be pretty freaky about this part. Who wants to put baby into a gnarly old carrier that someone else's kid has pooped in and puked all over?

Baby Bjorn carriers are incredibly popular for the simple reason that people love them, and people love them because they work so great! So as you can imagine, any baby carrier that people like to use is liable to see lots of use. It's going to get used - and washed - and used - and washed. When the day finally comes when baby is too large for his or her Baby Bjorn carrier, it often gets thrown into the closet, waiting to be sold at the next yard sale.

Your eBay bidders do not want carriers that are damaged, stained, dirty, or faded out from having been washed a zillion times. So, the best bet here is to buy carriers that appear to have been hardly used.

... beware the cheaper brands of carriers that look really similar to the Baby Bjorn. Don't fall for any of the myriad similar-looking brands that look like the Baby Bjorn, but are not the Baby Bjorn. Statistically, these copycats are not worth but a fraction of wat the Bjorn will sell for, and are simply not worth bothering with at any price! So until you're very familiar with what brands are worth what in the world of baby carriers, you may want to stick with high-end brands like Ergo, Kokopax, Peg Perego, Calyx, Bush Baby and Baby Bjorn.

This Baby Bjorn baby carrier sold on eBay for $29.

Photo of Baby Bjorn baby carrier