Artform 'Pro Arch' ballet dancer foot exercise device, $5.

The Artform Pro Arch exercise device is used by ballerinas, ballet students, dancers and anyone else who has to strengthen the leg and foot muscles that allow them to stand up on their tiptoes.

This Pro Arch is a perfect example of a little formula that has worked so well for me, so many times. My formula comes in especially handy when I run across something I've never seen before and know nothing about. Let's take a look at this formula to see just why this Pro Arch was such an attractive find.

First of all, it cost me very little to buy.

This particular Pro Arch is new in the box, with all the paperwork, videos and other stuff it it came with originally.

It hasn't been - and won't likely soon be - rendered defunct by a new technology.

The Artform device addresses a very specific issue, for a very narrow audience, which ensures you that it won't be found for a few dollars in every Target and Walmart.

The Pro Arch is made in Italy, which is not one of those countries notorious for producing cheapo trash for export.

It carries endorsements from real experts and professionals in the field, not just testimonials from users, or worse, television personalities who get paid to rave about a particular product.

The Artform Pro Arch is not cheap to buy new, as evidenced by the $158 sticker right on the side of the box.

There you have it! Now, is my little formula a hundred percent correct all the time? Of course not! Nothing in this business is! But following this course of logic will lead you to profits much more often than not, so it certainly bears remembering!

I'm not sure why, but even though this Artform Pro Arch ballet dance device cost $158 new, it sold on eBay for $150.

Photo of Pro Arch foot exercise device