AMT / ERTL Budweiser Clydesdale 8-Horse Hitch plastic model, $1.

In the world of toys and plastic models, both AMT and ERTL are among the best known and collectable of all. But... who would want a plastic model of the Budweiser horses and wagon? The trick to collectibles like this is to always look at every possible angle, to see who would want it, and why!

I guess the answer to the who would want this model question has to do with something called breweriana, which is defined as 'any collectible related to brewing or beer.' If you're not already familiar with this word, you really should learn a bit about it now, because eBay has an entire category dedicated just to breweriana items.

And you can bet that if lots of people weren't already interested in beer stuff, eBay certainly wouldn't have given breweriana its own category. So, there are lots and lots of people out there in collector-land who gather up every beer-related item you can imagine, even models of the ubiquitous Budweiser 8-Horse Hitch Clydesdales.

As for the model itself... a couple of things I always try to do whenever I'm considering buying any plastic model (unless it's still sealed in its plastic, of course) is try to ensure that all the parts are present and accounted for. This can sometimes be a bit difficult, but you have to at least make an attempt.

Second, I make sure that I'm not getting stuck with a partial assembly. People have a nasty habit of starting to build a model, and then setting it aside for a 'later on' that never comes. Most model collectors/builders don't want a model that someone else has already monkeyed with, so unless you think that a particular model is particularly desirable - as in 'worth lots of money no matter what condition it's in' - (which is pretty unusual, by the way), I suggest you avoid partial assemblies altogether.

This 8 Horse Hitch model sold on eBay for $47

Photo of AMT Ertl Budweiser 8 Horse Hitch plastic model