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Welcome to Auctionbandits

Hi there, my name is Cris Stephens. Auctionbandits is my ongoing exploration into the huge, fantastic world of what I know is an incredible eBay opportunity that awaits anyone who cares to learn how to see it. Everything here is 100% free, by the way, and I think it's very important to mention this fact right up front.

Ever since eBay came about, we've been assaulted by the hordes of e-pundits, self-proclaimed eBay gurus, and 'original powersellers' (whatever the heck that's supposed to be,) all promising us the key to overnight eBay riches. Does any of that stuff work? Well, all it takes is a simple Google search of anything similar to ebay wholesaler ripoff or (insert guru's name here) scam, to see that lots of people have lost countless millions of dollars trying to learn how to 'do' eBay. It's a wonder anyone still believes there really is a way to make money selling stuff on eBay!  

Auctionbandits' fact #1 about making money selling stuff on eBay -
EBay is simply a tool to get cheap exposure for your stuff. Surprise! If you've bought in - literally or figuratively - to the gurus out there hawking their 'secrets information' or 'confidential sources,' you've likely already discovered how full of it they are. There are no secrets to this business, and there's nothing magic about eBay. There's only knowledge and experience. And the more of those you're armed with, the more money you'll make. Simple math.   

Auctionbandits' fact #2 about selling stuff on eBay -
You have to sell the stuff that all those millions of eBay buyers really want to buy, not just the stuff you think they want to buy, or the stuff some snake-oil salesman is telling you they want to buy. And in order to do that, you have to know something about those buyers... and you have to know something about the stuff itself... and you have to have a pretty good idea about what it's worth (so that you'll know how much to pay for it when you buy it,) so that you'll know how much they're willing to pay you for it.

Auctionbandits' fact #3 about selling stuff on eBay -
Millions and millions of eBay buyers want, need, and are willing to pay you very well for, countless items that make up the world around you. In that sense, they're a lot like you and me. Heck, they are you and me! Despite the line of crap we're all being fed, they're not going to pay you anything for the cheapo 'wholesale' or 'drop-ship' trash, or the Chinese garbage they can buy in Walmart.

Auctionbandits' fact #4 about selling stuff on eBay for a profit -
If you learn how to recognize and buy quality (read: expensive) merchandise, for a tiny fraction of its actual value, you're going to make some really nice money when you sell it on eBay. And the better you are at doing this, the more money you stand to make.

Although this entire website is one big work in progress, the Gallery section already contains descriptions and photographs of hundreds of different items that those millions of eBay buyer really do want to buy from you. And the best part is, this stuff is out there in your world, waiting for you to come and get it! Check out the Gallery!